dimanche 18 mai 2014

OMG ... The erasmus experience is over !

It's been now a week I just came back to France, and I really wanted to try to describe my experience.. Indeed, an experience like Erasmus, is something very difficult to describe if you don't live it ! 

I have been told before I went to Prague that "Once Erasmus, always Erasmus".. I did not really understand why, and how, such an experience like could change a life.. But after all, I agree...

Let's start by the beginning :
I did not really choose Prague, indeed, I had the opportunity either to stay in Limoges for 3 months or to go abroad to do my lab project to complete my master. After my internship in the UK for 4 months, I just wanted to travel the more I could! Several choices were offered to me : Prague, Germany, Italy, Japon... And without knowing something of Prague (only that the night life for student is awesome!) I chose Prague... (I don't regret it at all!) 

Going to Prague : 
Once the administrative papers were done (my school helped me a lot for everything!), the contact with the accomodation office for students and with the international relation department of the ICT ... I was finally ready to go to the capital of the Czech Republic!

It was the first time of my life I took the plane (I was a little scared, and I still am!). When I arrived at the airport, I was so glad to meet my buddy, who is someone who takes care of you for the first few days.. That was a very good point, since I was quite scared to arrive alone ! 

The first week was dedicated to the "Orientation Week", a week which can help you to meet the new Erasmus students! With lots of partys, trips, and games, it helps a lot to meet people! 

The every day life in Prague : 
We were all the time all together with the Erasmus people. We did not meet Czech students so much , I don't know why, maybe we scared them because we were talking either in english or in french (yes, there is a big community of french students in Prague). It is maybe the bad point of this experience, it could have been great to meet more Czech students! 

Erasmus students come from everywhere ... let's try to quote all the countries : France, Spain, Italia, Scotland, Portugal, Belgium, Croatia, Russia, Finland, Danmark, Mexico, Brazil and more I am sure..It was amazing to discover all these new cultures, theses new people.. This mix of all theses cultures was unbelievable...

Being in the centre of Europe was an excellent point to visit new cities like Krakow, Berlin, Wien, Plsen (in CZ), Karlovy Vary (CZ), Kutna Hora (CZ)...

Thousands of pictures have been taken during all theses trips, parties (lots of pictures have to stay in my computer... !), sightseeing in Prague...

I discovered a terrible passion for good coffee, and cakes :) 

Of course, during all these 3 months, I had to go to school to do a research project about the porous ceramic. It was great to discover a different method of work. At the end of this work, I could be a part of a research project and write a part of a publication. 

The end : 
We have a citation in France, for people who arrive in the north of France " When you go to the North of France, you cry two times .... when you arrive, and when you leave ..." 

It was such the same thing for me, I was very anxious at the beginning but at the end, you just don't want it to be finished ! I met new friends, I will never forget all the moments we spent together. 

ERASMUS has an impact on your life after you did it, I am pretty sure of that. You see the life differently. It helps you to live in a community, to live in an other cultur... It does not only change your way of thinking, it changes you as well.

At the end, you are different... 

Auteur : Julie P.