mardi 20 mai 2014

Prague is definitively over - for good

Hello people ! 

Like you might know... leaving Prague (and its people) was for me a very sad experience. (It's still sad of course to not be with you anymore!)

So I wanted to write about my new experience, I am doing an internship in a company called "Segula Technologies", in Montbéliard...

You might wonder where is Montbéliard ? Even for french people, locating this city in France may be a little probleme ! So let's try to introduce this city ...

From Prague (yes yes always Prague...), it's only 1h25min by flight! (Ok, what is not written is that you have to take the flight from Bâle, in Switzerland! so add more 2h ... :) 

So Montbéliard is in the region Franche Comté, in the department "Le Doubs". 
Why is Montbéliard famous ? 

According to the bible of internet (ok, it is Wikipédia), there are 25 974 inhabitants! Montbéliard is ranked as "city of art and history". 

One of the famous monuments of the city is "The castle of Montbéliard". It is the castle of "the Duc of Wurtemberg". 

Montbéliard is very close to Sochaux, which is a city famous for its automobile museum. It is the historal city of the famous brand Peugeot. 

The city centre
Montbéliard is the third city in France to be visited for its christmas market, unfortunately I will not be here anymore to see this event. 

Anyway, I will try to visit the more I can in order to better know this part of France :) I would like to give you the wish to go and to visit this country... 

Auteur : Julie P.